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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I'm a high-schooler, during my last year. I freely speek Russian, English and Hebrew (now also learning Arabic). I play the piano, and among my hobbies are reading and drawing.
I like chinese and japanese cultures. And of course I enjoy watchin' anime.

Always open to chat with anyone who wants to (^^)!


Chapter 1 - The arrival of the Scientist

"Talking" - Japanese

"Talking" - Russian

Talking - Thoughts

This is going to be a hell…

The morning started as usual. First, Reborn tried to k-ki..wake me up, by gently blowing up my bed and part of my room. Then, as I was getting ready to go out and head to school, Lambo and I-pin decided that they wanted to play hide-and-seek with me and my lunch (well… they don't always do it, but it is a custom they started about half a year ago, and every month at least twice this happens…). And when I finally got to school I was late and had to hide from Hibari-san, resulting in my part of kamikuros after the school.

When I returned home I found all my guardians in my room gathered all around the small coffee table.

"Tenth! Tsuna!" I was greeted by my friends (Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto) as I entered the room.

"Mina…" I stopped in reluctance at the entrance to the room. They weren't today at the class, were they? Neither were Onii-san and Chrome-chan…

"Oh, you are home, Dame-Tsuna!" from behind came Reborn's famous kick at the head, making me stumble into the room.

"What was that for, Reborn?" I said, rubbing my head after I had regained my balance. When I stole a glance at the table, I noticed there a lot of files with photos of people.

"What were you doing?" suspiciously I asked setting down my bag on my bed and picking one of the files. "Neither of you were in school today."

At these words Gokudera and Yamamoto looked at each other and stood up together, as if they had received a command. In their hands were their respectable weapons: Gokudera with his dynamite and Yamamoto with his sword.

"Who are you? Identify yourselves!" demanded Reborn pointing his Leon, that had already transformed into a gun, at the pair. I quickly put on my mittens, but as I took the Death Flame Pill the intruders charged at me. I ducked Yamamoto's sword and managed to evade Hayato's bombs and tried to lid them out of my house. Reborn followed after me, leaving the attackers alone in my room.

"They are good," commented the former Arcobaleno. "I didn't notice that they were imposters."

"Ah, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Vongola Decimo… and the former Sun Arcobaleno, Reborn. I'm really excited to finally make your acquaintance," said unfamiliar voice in Russian from behind us. What is wrong with my Intuition? It's like it stopped working…

I immediately turned around to face the strange man, as Reborn stayed with his face towards the direction of the house. The strange man had long blond hair, gathered in a side tail with a black and silver mask that covered the upper half of his face.

"And who might you be, Mr. Black Mask?" asked Reborn in the same language, with his face still facing the Sawada mansion.

"How rude of me. Please pardon my bad manners," answered the man making a slight bow, and making with his hand a motion as if he was taking the mask off. "I'm Vadim Pajari, a scientist." As Vadim finished talking, Yamamoto and Gokudera had arrived, but their actions showed that they weren't the real ones. I felt how Reborn tensed behind my back and got myself ready for any incoming attack. Suddenly my phone vibrated in the pants.

"Tsuna, seriously?" murmured Reborn, hitting me on the head with his elbow.

"Please, take your time. We are not in a hurry," said the Russian, crossing his hands on the chest. I quickly grabbed the phone out of my pocket and opened the message that had arrived. It was a picture and a location. The picture was taken in a dark place but it was clear from it that my friends, my guardians… no, my famiglia, were taken hostage.

"The site enclosed in the message is the place where your sem'ya is." Reborn looked over my shoulder at the message, as the man told us that.

"What do you want?" I asked the scientist, bumping my clenched fists at each other.

"Your help," followed the short reply.


mina - everyone (Japanese)

famiglia - family (Italian)

sem'ya - family (Russian)

Sunny Day by Sobola
Sunny Day
My first work in oils!!!
I went to a private master-class, to try th oils and I'm really satisfied with it :3
Maybe i'll stick to it, for a bit...
If you catch my 4k (4000) kiriban as a prize I'll make you something at your request.
If you catch my 4k (4000) kiriban as a prize I'll make you something at your request.


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